Making the Most of Your Commercial Roof Warranty

Making the Most of Your Commercial Roof Warranty

Making the Most of Your Commercial Roof Warranty 1500 1000 PB Roofing PB Roofing

A Commercial Roof Warranty is a legally bound association with three different groups that are involved in the roofing process. These groups are the commercial roofing contractor, the property owner, as well as the roofing materials manufacturers. The warranties cover the completed roof installation and the materials used.

Knowing How to use Your Commercial Roof Warranty

A building’s roof is one of its most important structural components. The roof is an investment that protects everything and everyone within. To further care for that investment, many property owners choose to purchase a roof warranty. Any roof issue, such as standing water, is a potential threat for damaging your investment and risking personal safety. It is crucial to the longevity of your roofing system that you understand the details of your warranty prior to needing it for repair.

What’s Covered

In most cases, the power of the warranty depends on two factors. The first is the scope of work completed and the second regards the roofing material manufacturer’s applicable warranties. As the installation contractor, PB Roofing provides two years of coverage over issues resulting from any possible flaws stemming from our team’s work (workmanship guarantee).

What’s not Covered

Now that you know what is covered, there are a few things that do not fall under warranty coverage. Disrepair caused by neglect (you need to perform an annual inspection of your commercial roof to keep your warranties effective), failure to perform regular maintenance, common leaks or repairs, and any unauthorized modifications or upgrades are typically not contained within the conditions of the warranty.

Also, failure to address damage caused by severe or rare weather conditions, such as hurricanes, hailstorms, and nor’easters, are not commonly covered. It’s imperative to talk to PB Roofing representatives and understand what will be covered and what will not; that way, you know you’ve made a sound investment in your roof.

What to Look for in a Warranty

When selecting a commercial roof warranty, look closely at the length, what’s covered, and any limitations on the dollar amount of the coverage. Annual or periodic maintenance by your commercial contractor (PB Roofing) is required by most manufacturers to maintain the roof warranty. A 20-year manufacturer No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty covering both materials and labor is the most common warranty.

Why it’s Important

Most building owners tend to opt-in to a roofing warranty for peace of mind, knowing that their asset is protected and covered. Especially on the east coast, many building owners will choose to use weather-resistant materials. While a warranty won’t cover weather-caused damage, it may cover the replacement or repair of a material that had claimed to be weather resistant. Warranties can also help save money down the line if, years later, a material-related repair or replacement needs to be performed.


While some roofing companies tack on warranty as an additional cost at the end of the sale, our PB Roofing Estimation Team includes the warranty price in our budget proposal. The pricing of the warranty is dependent on the scope of the work being completed. As a full-service commercial roofing company, we help our clients navigate our manufacturer’s warranties and provide honest guidance on their building’s best option.

To learn if your roofing project qualifies for a warranty, contact PB Roofing today.

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