Our Story

It all began with a pick-up truck, two brothers, a one-car garage, and the support of a long-time industry colleague and confidant. From those humble beginnings to the rapidly growing commercial roofing company it is today, PB Roofing continues its family-owned roots and core principles with honesty, values, and good people.

Our story is about identifying opportunities and turning them into something great while creating raving fans in both our clients and expanding team. We nurture collaboration with our partner contractors, continually expanding our geographical service area. Our company always looks for the next generation of trade workers, administrators, and leaders.

Through our four core values: resourcefulness, coachability, growth-mindedness, and compassion, PB Roofing’s goal is to disrupt the industry and set a new standard for thought leaders and growth seekers. At PB Roofing, we believe in an ever-evolving organization and welcome new solutions with open arms.

We are constantly inspired by the innovative and modern influences around us that drive the advancement of our company and client experiences. Never satisfied with good enough, we’ll always improve our process and perceptions. Our utilization of innovative technology is imperative to our future, and that of the entire roofing industry.

Our Team

John Peck

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Bryan Peck


Patricia Ventura

Chief Financial Officer

Anthony DeKarski

Vice President of Roofing Services

Wendy Lucas

Vice President of Client Experience

David Nyk

Director of Project Field Operations

Maggie Nyk

Payroll & Financial Analyst

Ana Moya

Client Experience Manager

Daniel Lima

Project Manager

Eilleen Troia

Service Estimator

Gregory Nunn

Director of Estimation

André Drummond

Talent Acquisition & Human Resources Manager

PB Purpose

Our community give-back program, PB Purpose, strives to make a positive impact while getting the whole company involved. Through acts of service, donations, and volunteering, we are able to help wonderful organizations and make a difference. PB Roofing was also publicly recognized by the city of Elmwood Park, our hometown, for our community service contribution.

Roofing Contractor Magazine’s 2023 Top 100 List

We are proud to be recognized on Roofing Contractor Magazine’s 2023 Top 100 List, ranking at #93. The rankings are based on self-reported revenue from the prior year by the top performing roofing contractors in the nation. Becoming part of the process is a great way to highlight PB Roofing’s success while measuring up where we can still grow.

What We Do

Our years of experience have allowed us to expand our company beyond traditional roof installation and repairs. We are proud to be a knowledgeable source and trusted professional for our clients. The concierge commercial roofing services we provide include:

Roof Repair

No matter the damage, human-made or naturally occurred, PB Roofing can take care of it.

Preventative Maintenance

Routine tasks are necessary to keep a roof in watertight conditions, increase its longevity, and prevent costly repairs.

Roof Replacement

We’re experienced in installing roofs for retail, warehouse, industrial, new construction, and historic/landmark properties.

Roof Coating

A protective practice to prolong the life of your roofing system.

Roof Snow Removal

Heavy snowfall can quickly create dangerous conditions, and a roof collapse can result in significant damage to your business and the people in it.

Sheet Metal

Coping, gutters, downspouts, and fascia are just some of the custom metal fabrication and installation items we offer.

Disaster, Emergency Response, and Recovery

Whether it’s a natural disaster, or you’re reviewing your emergency plan, you must have a trusted roofing contractor ready to go.


Energy from the sun can power your building and lower your electric bill.

We are self-performing with an excellent reputation for on-time delivery, honesty, and forward-thinking. Our clients are more than just customers, we’re forming long-lasting, strategic partnerships. Get in touch with PB Roofing today to discover how we can best serve you and your commercial property.

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