Concierge Commercial Roofing Services

Our Concierge Commercial Roofing Services

Our services come with on-time delivery, honesty, and forward-thinking. We’re offering more than traditional roof installation and repairs, as we strive to be there for our clients—always. From our Emergency Response crew to our Pro-Service team, PB Roofing is there for you, your business, and your building.

We have been proudly serving the northeast region—from Maine, down to Virginia, and everywhere in between. For over a decade, we have been expanding our reach on the east coast to offer our leading roofing services.

Emergency Response

A natural disaster such as a hurricane, high winds, or fire can easily cause significant damage to your roof. Roof leaks happen, causing damage to valuable property and inhibiting safe conditions in your building. Without a properly functioning roof, all parts of your building are at risk for failure. The longer it takes for a response team to arrive, the longer your facility will lose time, profits, and be at risk for liabilities.

Finding a reliable roofing contractor last minute can be a challenge. Instead, ensure you have a plan in place to increase your preparedness when an emergency occurs. We provide dedicated response crews who are programmed and able to respond to a crisis within 4 hours. You can operate your facility with peace of mind knowing that your business is in the trusted hands of a professional.

Commercial Roofing Emergency Response Services

Pro-Service Roof Repair

Roofs can endure human-made or weather-caused damage as well as natural wear and tear. At the first warning sign, you must contact a professional before a more significant problem occurs. Our commercial roof Pro-Service team works with property managers, facility managers, and consultants to provide the best possible solutions for your roofing system. Our tactical and strategic approach to each roof repair job ensures the scope is executed with quality and safety. Mission complete.

At PB Roofing, we go beyond repairing your roof and evaluate its health as well. Our inspection can identify the issue, indicate the severity, and suggest the right solution—roof repair, replacement, or coating.

Roofing Projects

No matter your building type—retail, warehouse, industrial, new construction, or historic and landmark properties— PB Roofing’s Project team will install the best roofing system in the most professional manner. We specialize in both new construction sites and replacement projects.

By investing in a new roof, you’re investing in your business. Pausing operations for a one-time replacement is better than enduring reoccurring repairs. We inspect your roof and what is underneath to assess whether it requires a re-roof or tear-off method of replacement. We recommend a solution that is right for your business.

Roofing Projects
Roof Coating Service

Roof Coating

A roof coating can help prevent damage and leaks while protecting and prolonging a roofing system’s life. It may be a better option for your roof than a complete replacement or an intensive repair. Our PB Projects team will perform an evaluation and discuss the best options for your roof.

Keep in mind, your roof will still collect dirt and debris over time. It will be vital to have an annual maintenance program in place to maintain the coating’s integrity.

Roof Snow Removal

Heavy snowfall and freeze-thaw cycles can quickly create dangerous conditions, and a roof collapse can result in significant damage to your building and the people inside. Snow and ice can also damage gas lines, water piping, electrical conduits, and other rooftop accessories. The accumulation of snow can lead to roof leaks, icicle formations, and structural concerns.

Our trained PB Project team is ready to be deployed and can help you keep everything safe—before, during, and after the storm.

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