Reinforcing our Supply Chain with Innovation

Reinforcing our Supply Chain with Innovation

Reinforcing our Supply Chain with Innovation 1920 1155 PB Roofing PB Roofing

Reinforcing our Supply Chain with Innovation

The global supply chain is a complex and codependent network that has caused ripple effects throughout the course of the last two years. Back in February, we reported 2022 commercial construction trends and the shortages and inflated prices of basic materials that have disrupted the industry.

The harsh reality of global uncertainty places immense pressure on companies to meet their customers’ demands with unique, alternative solutions. Without quick-thinking and flexibility, customer demand for goods and services will simply decline alongside their expectations and perceptions of certain companies.

“We used to occasionally have black swan events,” says Richard Wilding, professor of supply chain strategy at Cranfield University in the UK, referring to rare and hard-to-predict occurrences that have major impacts. ​“The problem at the moment is we have a whole flock of black swans coming at us.” Wired

We provided some updates from around the world below that are contributing to the supply chain crisis, and how PB Roofing is adjusting its sails to continuously create a positive customer experience.

China is Back on Lockdown

Current quarantine restrictions in China are at their worst point since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.  Lockdowns at some factories and major port cities such as Shenzhen, Tianjin and Ningbo have disrupted the flows of goods from China to the U.S. CNBC “Twenty-five million people in Shanghai have been sequestered for 18 days. Chinese authorities this week slightly eased the restrictions, dividing the city into three categories based on previous screenings and risk levels.” American Shipper Experts believe that China will continue with its Zero COVID lockdowns into the summer. The effect is an astounding stagnation of processing that has created a global backlog of accumulated cargo shipments that cannot reach their destination.

Russian Sanctions

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in a wide array of sanctions that have compounded with China’s pandemic policy to cause major logistical disruptions throughout the world. “All ocean freights were suspended in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea, and most air freight was suspended when dozens of countries closed their airspace to Russian aircraft.” Newsweek

According to Forbes, Russia and Ukraine produce a significant amount of aluminum, steel, and platinum, so with this new and ongoing global conflict, we can expect to experience another delay in the supply chain with these commodities.

PB Roofing: Meeting Demands with Flexible Solutions

In response to the continued supply chain crisis, PB Roofing has invested in expanding our team, bringing greater unity and clarity in developing strategies against these persistent difficulties. One such strategy is the introduction of our exclusive THREATCheck Assessment Program. Our expert field team performs an extensive visual inspection of the property, providing our customers with issue, severity, and service options. The goal of THREATCheck is to identify and mend critical roof deficiencies while key materials for larger-scale projects become more readily available. Despite the challenges of material sourcing, 2022 promises to offer more opportunities for growth if we continue to evolve and adapt to the changing supply chain.

Working with Our Distribution Partners

Many manufacturers were hoping supply chain disruptions would start winding down by now, but we are facing sourcing issues well into this year, and when things will get back to normal is really a guessing game at this point. The logistical backlog can be relatively healthy in many cases. But we do realize that we have a long-term problem. Here at PB Roofing, we work closely with our suppliers and organizations to strategically source critical materials in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is the strength of these partnerships, as well as the diligent work by our team that allows us to continue to provide concierge-level commercial roofing services. We have been able to nimbly identify and acquire exact-specification substitutes from various manufacturers to ensure our work maintains the same quality our customers are accustomed to.

Healing the US Supply Chain

Given China’s current reduced exporting power, as well as its immobile logistical network due to COVID restrictions, US ports can use this time to de-congest and move shipments towards their intended destination. “Logistics experts say the breather is likely to be followed by a tsunami of deferred cargo once lockdowns are lifted.” American Shipper

Delta Air Lines President, Glen Hausenstein stated that “once the Shanghai restrictions are lifted, the airlines expect a boom in cargo bookings that more than offsets the current export lag.” American Shipper

China will undoubtedly continue to play an important role in those global supply chains. For regional supply chains, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement provides a platform for American businesses to develop more regionalized supply chains. Mexico has low-cost labor and a strong industrial base, whereas Canada has a highly skilled workforce and an abundance of energy resources. Furthermore, Latin America offers room for future supply chain expansion. Newsweek

Looking Ahead

Our customers can rest assured that PB Roofing is utilizing the most innovative technology in growing our strategic partnerships to expand our team and strengthen our service. We believe in an ever-evolving organization, and eagerly embrace new solutions and processes. We’re committed to creating raving fans, one roof at a time.

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