Preventing & Responding to Rainy Season Threats

Preventing & Responding to Rainy Season Threats

Preventing & Responding to Rainy Season Threats 800 450 PB Roofing PB Roofing

Commercial roofs endure constant exposure to the elements. Changing, and sometimes extreme weather scenarios can cause a variety of considerable damage to the roofing components. As the season of summer rainstorms has finally arrived, PB Roofing is here to ensure your roof can withstand the impending threats with confidence.

The summer season brings unique challenges to the continued maintenance of your commercial roof. Persistent sun exposure in hot weather can damage the roof sealant. The continued exposure, mixed with high humidity can cause your roof to significantly weaken.

Also, HVAC and solar roof unit installation or maintenance can cause punctures to the roof if not conducted properly. It is imperative that the roof is inspected, and any resulting damage repaired immediately.

The optimum commercial roof should be as waterproof as possible. The greatest factor in this protection is the sealant. If seals are incorrectly connected, gaps can form on the roof membrane allowing water to accumulate underneath.

Our THREATCheck Assessment and PB Response team can help you with both preventative and reactive emergency measures. But before we explore your solutions, let’s discuss some of the common effects of rain and wind on your commercial roof.

Roof Age

Commercial roofing systems (even with regular maintenance) have a maximum reliable life of approximately 25 years. If your roof is approaching the end of its functional lifespan, it will be compromised by the accumulated damage endured throughout the seasons of its life. Due to this fact, the chances of a roof leak become more and more inevitable over time.

Clogged Gutters

Wind and rain can blow an excess of harmful materials into the gutter system. Leaves, branches, and debris can easily clog gutters if they are not regularly and properly maintained. The resulting damage comes from water that cannot drain through the gutters, causing a backup that harms the roof siding, and in more extreme cases, the foundation of the building itself.

Standing Water

Another common result of clogged gutters is the pooling of standing water in the roof. When the drainage system is blocked, or not operating at maximum efficiency, water will begin to move towards any uneven areas of the roof plane as puddling. The longer this water collects and remains on the roof, it will penetrate the membrane and quickly wear the roofing materials down and eventually leaks will result from this damage.


Mold growth is a result of moisture that has penetrated the roofing system. Mold is an extremely hazardous occurrence and constitutes an emergency response before it causes those working within the building medical harm.

Deck & Flashing Damage

A flashing, or metal that is fabricated to fit in corners or around objects on the roof (chimneys and skylights) aids in making these areas more watertight. During summer storms, rain can fall quickly and violently with instant accumulation. The velocity of the rainfall can provide enough force to damage the roof deck and compromise metal flashings. Flashings offer protective features but are often thin. Stress applied to the flashings can result in their bending or denting.

THREATCheck Assessment

“Preventative roof maintenance is all about being proactive and addressing minor issues before they become major problems. With a professional roof report in hand, property managers can start building a short term and long-term roof maintenance plan. Short term maintenance can include minor repairs of cracks and blisters in the roofing membrane or replacing loose shingles. Long term maintenance items can include budgeting for a commercial roof coating or replacing all the flashing around rooftop mechanical equipment.” Property Manager Insider

Partner with PB Roofing and experience the collective expertise of our teams with our introductory assessment program. We will detect damages and provide recommended solutions based on your immediate and long-term roofing needs.

Our THREATCheck is for new customers: one enhanced visual inspection to identify deficiencies and provide recommendations for repairs or replacement. Our Plus Package features the same with a bi-annual inspection plan. Photo report included.

Emergency & Disaster Response

A natural disaster such as a hurricane, high winds, or fire can easily cause significant damage to your roof. Roof leaks happen, causing damage to valuable property and inhibiting safe conditions in your building. Without a properly functioning roof, all parts of your building are at risk for failure. The longer it takes for a response team to arrive, the longer your facility will lose time, profits, and be at risk for liabilities.

Finding a reliable roofing contractor last minute can be a challenge. Instead, ensure you have a plan in place to increase your preparedness when an emergency occurs. We provide dedicated response crews who are programmed and able to respond to a crisis within 4 hours. You can operate your facility with peace of mind knowing that your business is in the trusted hands of a professional.

Leak Repair Response

Safety must be the priority if a roof leak is uncovered. Our steadfast crew of professionals is ready to be dispatched to your property 24 / 7 to quickly mend and restore the functionality of your roof.

Our Concierge Service Promise

Our services come with on-time delivery, honesty, and forward-thinking. We’re offering more than traditional roof installation and repairs, as we strive to be there for our clients—always. From our Emergency Response crew to our Pro-Service team, PB Roofing is there for you, your business, and your building.

We have been proudly serving the northeast region—from Maine, down to Virginia, and everywhere in between. For over a decade, we have been expanding our reach on the east coast to offer our leading roofing services.

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