6 Ways Teamwork Produces Better Results in Construction

6 Ways Teamwork Produces Better Results in Construction

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The necessity of teamwork has been accelerated by the influence of new technology, materials, and processes in the roofing industry, making it a requirement to complete any large task. Sharing knowledge and experience makes a good construction team great. Here are the six ways teamwork can bring any commercial construction team (roofing included) to exceed expectations.

1. Common Purpose

The defining characteristics of any successful team are support, trust, accountability, and respect. To support engagement, individual members need to have challenging, realistic targets. To reach these targets, people need to join forces to quickly solve problems that arise in commercial roofing. That’s where the value of teamwork shows its advantages.

On any commercial roofing project, tasks such as planning, estimation and material sourcing, logistics, scheduling, and safety must work together seamlessly.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration works best with a positive team spirit that supports working well together. “If you are surrounded by people of high ability, you strive to show your potential. However, in creating and managing a team, you should not look for only technical skills or abilities, but also individuals’ sense for coordination and interpersonal skills.” (LetsBuild).

Collaborative work is valuable within a commercial roofing team and with the client. Realizing the client’s vision is critical to the success of any organization. Working alongside clients is needed to know the project requirements and for them to feel part of the team. This approach helps in generating new and progressive ideas, creating better results.

3. Leadership

Leadership is the foundation of exceptional teamwork. A commercial roofing team leader ensures their team works together to achieve their goal and promotes the cooperation required for their team’s peak performance. The team leader must also confirm that the team has the resources and information necessary to complete its objective.

“Strong teamwork is an excellent way to promote learning. When you encourage employees to share thoughts and ideas as a team, they can experience new perspectives and information.” (NeuroLeadership Institute). A confident and effective team leader looks to the team for solutions and welcomes constructive criticism. The team leader must make difficult decisions that will affect the team in the interest of the best possible outcome for the client.

4. Diversity

A positive culture is supported by celebrating diversity. The roofing industry must embrace these gifts and immediately make processes for them. When people are empowered, they use their voices to help influence change. Forming a diverse team will make employees feel accepted, increasing engagement and performance. “If you just expand your horizons and make yourself more appealing to under-represented groups, you have a whole new demographic to appeal to.” (Roofing & Exteriors).

5. Conflict Resolution

Conflicts typically originate from misunderstandings and clashing of opinions. As team members build a better understanding of each other’s personalities, conflicts can be minimized and more easily resolved. The team will move forward with more respect for one another and their work.

With effective teamwork, roofing technicians can feel comfortable asking for help rather than taking unnecessary risks and shortcuts.

6. Safety

Safety management is a complex task that requires solid planning and training and, most importantly, effective collaboration of all people working on a commercial roofing site.

“The more cohesive and communicative your team is, the easier it is to ensure everyone on the job site is safe and on the same page.” (National Center for Construction Education and Research). When roofing technicians, team leaders, and safety managers work together, they can identify and assign safety roles to different accordingly. Team members are accountable for their own actions and safety and also those of their teammates.

A close-knit team where opinions and ideas are freely shared will identify more actual and potential safety risks simply because team members are not afraid (and care enough) to make their voices heard.

The Results

Maximizing the role that team building plays for a commercial construction project provides the best value and highest return on the client’s property investment. Given the ever-competitive nature of the roofing industry, teamwork is crucial in building accountability, reliability, support, and trustworthy professional relationships, that translate into exceptional results.

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