How to Manage an Emergency Roof Repair with Ease

How to Manage an Emergency Roof Repair with Ease

How to Manage an Emergency Roof Repair with Ease 1200 788 PB Roofing PB Roofing

3 Steps to Take During an Emergency Roof Repair

A roofing system protects everything inside your building: irreplicable employees, expensive equipment, valuable product, and more. In an instant, a flash flood or snowstorm could put all of that in jeopardy. How can you protect your building from an unexpected occurrence? That’s where emergency roof repair comes in. Follow these three steps the next time your commercial building finds itself facing a roofing emergency.

Assess the Damage and Protect Your Valuables

The first step during a roofing emergency is assessing the damage. Pinpoint the location(s) of the incident, such as a leak or fallen tree branch. If a professional needs to be called in, they’ll have a good idea of where to start their inspection. Sometimes, the interior of the building may suffer when there is roof damage. If it is safe, clear the area of any valuable items, equipment, or products.

Determine the Status of the Situation

While the situation can look overwhelming, it may not qualify as a roofing emergency. In some cases, it looks worse than it is. For example, a fallen tree may have landed on your building’s roof without causing damage. However, if there is water infiltration, the roofing system is compromised and will need immediate repair. The most likely culprit is the weather: extreme winds, the weight of snow, high rains, or a fallen tree or powerline.

If you are unsure if your commercial building requires immediate care, call a roofing company. They will be able to determine how quickly the response time should be.

Call a Roofing Emergency Response Team

Many roofers offer emergency roof repair services, often with 24/7 availability. The longer it takes for a response team to arrive, the longer your building will lose time and profits and be at risk for liabilities. Without a properly functioning roof, all parts of your building are at risk for failure.

Finding a reliable roofing contractor last minute can be a challenge. Instead, ensure you have a plan in place to increase your preparedness when an emergency occurs. PB Roofing provides dedicated response crews who are programmed and able to respond to a crisis within 4 hours. You can operate your facility with peace of mind knowing that your business is in the trusted hands of a professional. To learn more about having the PB Emergency Response Team on-call, contact PB Roofing today.

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