Winning Best Places to Work in New Jersey, 2020 [PB Roofing]

Winning Best Places to Work in New Jersey, 2020 [PB Roofing]

Winning Best Places to Work in New Jersey, 2020 [PB Roofing] 1500 985 PB Roofing PB Roofing

What Makes PB Roofing One of The Best Places to Work in New Jersey?

2020 has undoubtedly been filled with challenges and obstacles to overcome, especially for essential workers. Throughout the year, PB Roofing made strides to defy industry standards and better their employees. These efforts were rewarded when PB Roofing’s own employees ranked the company among the best places to work in New Jersey.

Every year, NJBiz magazine collects anonymous feedback from employees about their job (role, environment, culture, and more). So, how did PB Roofing make the NJBiz Best Places to Work 2020 list?

Employee Development and Training

No matter the seniority level, all new hires receive training on industry standards and protocols, safety guidelines, leadership development, and more. PB Roofing has created an educational program, PB University, for employees to further succeed in a current role or advance into a higher position. Every employee is automatically enrolled and encouraged to start taking classes. As a growing organization, we strongly value the importance of being educated and properly trained in the field—making this an excellent opportunity for those looking to learn, gain experience, and excel.

Competitive Compensation

Our salaries meet or exceed the roofing industry standard. Beyond a paycheck, we set our employees up for financial success throughout all life stages and careers. Some perks include a 401k with employer match, bonuses, profit sharing, incentive, and deferred compensation plans. Through these perks, we create happy and successful employees, furthering the success of PB Roofing.

Premium Benefits

Besides competitive compensation, PB Roofing offers premium benefits to every employee. Through our comprehensive employer-supported health care plan, we can support a happy and healthy employee and their family. We believe access to high-quality, affordable health insurance is a critical foundation for our business. Knowing that their family and self are safe and protected, our employees can work harder. We also provide a standard for all employee levels, including paid time off and paid holidays.

Building a successful company means building successful employees. PB Roofing gives employees every opportunity for personal and professional growth. It’s through this forward-thinking mindset that our employees ranked us as among the best places to work in New Jersey. Learn more about our open roofing positions or contact a team member today.

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