What is the Roof Replacement Process? (For Commercial Buildings)

What is the Roof Replacement Process? (For Commercial Buildings)

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Prepare Your Building and Business for the Roof Replacement Process

Often, a roof replacement is the worst-case scenario and is typically avoided if possible. However, there comes a time when every roof must be replaced for financial, safety, or efficiency reasons. Here’s how to prepare your building and business for the roof replacement process.

Step 1: Determine the Need for a Roof Replacement

In some cases, such as a weather event or natural disaster, it may be apparent a roof replacement is needed. However, there are a few things to consider when replacing a roof:

  • Cost: A replacement may seem like a huge financial undertaking. However, if your roof is experiencing several repairs throughout the year, it may be more cost-efficient to install a new roofing system.
  • Operations: Similar to above, constant repairs can disrupt business. Pausing operations for a one-time replacement is better than enduring reoccurring repairs.
  • Safety: Some concerns, such as holes or leaks, may be an easy fix. Yet, if larger pieces are falling apart or are causing damage inside of your building, a replacement may be the best option.
  • Efficiency: A roofing professional will be able to determine how well your roofing system is functioning. There are some issues that a repair cannot fix and therefore require a complete replacement.

Step 2: Contact Your Roofing Company

If you suspect a roof replacement is needed, get in touch with your roofing company as soon as possible. They will be able to conduct a complete inspection, pinpoint the areas of concern, explain the necessity of a replacement, and discuss viable options. Be sure to ask for a quote, project timelines, and business functionality during the process.

Step 3: Plan for a Roof Replacement

Before your roofing company starts tearing apart your building, there will be a planning stage to determine logistics. This includes materials, design, and blueprints for the new roofing system. This is also the optimal time to prepare your business to become a construction zone. Allowing your employees to work from home or in-person at a limited schedule can help keep operations running with little interruption.

Step 4: Installing the New Roofing System

The initial inspection will determine what is underneath your current roof and whether it requires a re-roof or tear-off method of replacement. At this step, there is nothing further for you to do. Simply leave the hard work to the professionals and be on call in case questions or problems arise.

Step 5: Invest in Roof Protection

Once your building’s new roofing system is installed, don’t repeat past mistakes. Be sure to schedule routine maintenance and inspections with your roofing company, and even inquire about roof coatings. It can help prevent damage and leaks while protecting and prolonging your new roofing system’s life.

Finding the Right Company for a Roof Replacement

Even if you have worked with a roofing company for previous projects, it’s best to get a second opinion (and quote) on a roof replacement. PB Roofing is experienced and trusted along the Northeast coast by dozens of commercial businesses. Our team will provide a solution that is best for your roofing system without exceeding your budget.

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