What Does a Commercial Roof Installation Involve?

What Does a Commercial Roof Installation Involve?

What Does a Commercial Roof Installation Involve?

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Commercial Roof Installation Preparations and Requirements (You Need to Know)

Installing a commercial roof, whether from scratch or as a replacement, is an investment in your building’s longevity. An upgrade to your roofing system will protect your building against harsh weather conditions and potential leaks. With proper installation (and regular maintenance), your roofing system can survive decades.

Here’s a look at what you’ll need to know before undergoing a commercial roof installation.

  1. Find the best roofing contractor for the job
  2. Receive an estimate for the installation project’s cost
  3. Determine which roofing system to install

Get Started with an Estimate and Proposal

The first step is connecting with a trustworthy commercial roofing company. PB Roofing will provide an on-site analysis to determine the best course of action for the project. After this, a project estimate and timeline proposal will be provided. Keep in mind timelines are subject to change based on material availability, permit acquisition, and weather conditions. During this initial consultation, possible upgrades should be discussed, such as energy-efficient equipment, storage areas for heating and cooling units, and solar panels.

Choosing the Best Type of Roof

Commercial roofs can utilize several different materials and installation methods. Choosing the best type of roof will depend on the building’s physical structure and the project budget. PB Roofing conducts an inspection to determine whether a re-roof or tear-off method of replacement is necessary. Then, we recommend a solution and roofing system that is right for your business.

These are the top five commercial roof types:

  1. Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Membrane
  2. Metal Roofing
  3. Single-Ply Membrane
  4. Shingle Roofing
  5. Green Roofing

Learn more about each of these types of commercial roofs here.

The Commercial Roofing Installation Process

Are you ready to start your commercial roof installation project? PB Roofing communicates with you through every step of the process. Our team is excellent at spotting a potential roadblock and taking care of it before it hinders the installation. No matter your building type—retail, warehouse, industrial, new construction, or historic and landmark properties—we’re ready to transform your building.

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