[Guide] Roofer Job Descriptions: Titles, Education, and Duties

[Guide] Roofer Job Descriptions: Titles, Education, and Duties

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3 Roofer Job Descriptions You Didn’t Know About

Year after year, the roofing industry continues to grow in sales, profit, and employment. As companies look to expand their business, new job roles will be required to upkeep demand. Traditionally, companies hire field workers. However, it can be challenging to rise to a leadership position.

More new and innovative roofing companies offer a range of roles and opportunities for professional development. Let’s take a look at three roofer job descriptions you probably didn’t know about.

The Field Worker

Of course, we have to talk about the most well-known position first—the field worker.

Typically, this person has to be skilled in roof repair, maintenance, and installation. Other services may include roof coatings, snow removal, emergency response, and solar installations.

It’s possible to specialize in one or more service as a roofer. Niche workers such as technicians, installers, electricians, or engineers are always in demand as well. Smart companies will look at high-performing team members to advance into more leading roles, such as an on-site project manager.

Roofers must be excellent with their hands and work well in a group setting. This career is quite physically demanding, with long hours spent outdoors. At a minimum, a high school degree and an apprenticeship are needed.

A field worker is an excellent position for those looking for independence, security, and a sense of belonging.

The Office Worker

Growing roofing companies need to expand their business to include a headquarters and some office workers.

Many behind-the-scene employees are essential to business operations. Think salespeople, account managers, human resources, marketers, accountants, and more.

Candidates must be comfortable in an office environment—though it’s worth noting that every company will have a unique culture and setting. While the required competencies will vary with each role, general skills include communication, time management, customer service, organization, detail orientation, and critical thinking.

Typically, some college, a higher educational program, or a bachelor’s level degree is required.

Working in a roofing company’s office can present opportunities for advancement into prominent leadership roles. These jobs are ideal for a person who enjoys a work/life balance and is thinking long-term. Competitive benefits such as paid time off, holidays, 401(k), and security are often offered.

Leadership Roles

Many young workers think that to achieve a leadership position, they have to start their own business. However, companies with an entrepreneurial spirit may look internally for outstanding employees or hire a reputable person from the outside.

Leadership roles may include directors and chief officers for business, operations, and sales. This candidate must have a vision for growth and development.

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