Roof Ventilation Options for Commercial Buildings

Roof Ventilation Options for Commercial Buildings

Roof Ventilation Options for Commercial Buildings

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3 Options for Roof Ventilation in Commercial Buildings

Commercial flat roof ventilation is essential to any building, whether in a warm or cool location. Without proper ventilation, humidity and hot air rises to the highest part of a building, without anywhere to go. Similarly, ventilation prevents unwanted cold air from entering a building. Functioning roof vents ensure temperature control is properly maintained in buildings and help to prevent common issues like ice dams and mold growth from occurring. Further, it can help reduce energy costs and increase a roof’s lifespan.

However, property owners may struggle choosing the right vents for their building, as there are many more options than a residential home. Here are the top three roof ventilation options for commercial buildings.

1. Mechanical Ventilation

Many modern buildings are using mechanical ventilation with single-point or multi-point fans. Multi-point fans are best for larger buildings while single-point fans are used for smaller portions of a building or exclusively for small buildings. Mechanical ventilation removes stale air within a building; however, it can come with high energy costs to operate the vents.

2. Static Vents

Static vents are extremely popular among flat and metal commercial roofs. They are essentially holes in a roof that are placed in an even line to prevent and regulate air leakage. The benefit of static vents is that they come in many different styles, making it easy to match the building’s architectural design.

3. Ridge and Eave Vents

Ridge and eave vents are a very efficient solution for ventilation. Ridge vents prevent heat and moisture buildup while eave vents intake fresh air into the building. Together, they create excellent air quality throughout a building. Ridge and eave vents can also be covered to blend into a roof, making them a popular option among building owners.

Choosing the Right Ventilation System

With many options to consider, choosing the right ventilation system can become complicated. Beyond cost, upkeep, and maintenance, property owners must also understand that their building’s location, environment, size, and layout affect the type of ventilation needed. In some cases, multiple types of vents are necessary. While it’s beneficial to understand how commercial ventilation works and the different types of options, contact a professional roofing company for more information.

Professional Roofing Services on the East Coast

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