Employee Referral Program


All current, full time and part time regular employees are eligible for referral cash incentives except for those employees in the Human Resources Team, director level and above, and supervisory personnel who possess direct responsibility for filling a position within their span of control.


Once an eligible employee has identified a qualified candidate for a posted position, the employee should instruct the candidate to apply online at our Careers Page.

The prospective candidate must identify the employee as the individual who referred them.

The eligible employee will submit the Employee Referral Form located at the bottom of this page.

If there is no form on file at the time of hire and an employee is listed as the Referrer, the Human Resources Team will contact the employee and give them 5 business days to submit the form.


The Human Resources Team will retain the form through the 180-day waiting period and then process the appropriate payment award as set forth below.

An award will not be given to an employee for an applicant who has already been considered by PB Roofing for the position or that has been submitted by an external source (e.g., search firm) or in the past.

Current or former regular and temporary employees cannot be referred as candidates for open positions under the Employee Referral Program. Current employees may apply or be referred for open positions as candidates through the Human Resources Team.


First Level Referral
$500 Award: Corporate Headquarters Team (Elmwood Park, NJ)
(All Full-Time, Hourly / Non-Exempt & Exempt Positions)

Second Level Referral
$750 Award: Field Operations Team
(All Full-Time, Non-Exempt Positions)

Third Level Referral
$1000 Award: Leadership Team


The candidate you refer must be hired, and the cash incentive will be given provided both you and your referral are on PB Roofing active payroll as of the date the award becomes payable:

  • 50% after ninety (90) days of your referral’s date of hire and 50% at the end of one hundred eighty (180) days of your referral’s date of hire

Remember, the following guidelines must be complied with in order to qualify for the cash award:

  • The Human Resources Team must arrange the interview
  • Employees must resubmit a new referral form and resume for each new position
  • The Human Resources Team will make the final determination on eligibility for cash awards under the Employee Referral Program


All permanent full-time positions qualify for the employee referral bonus with the following exceptions:

  • Internships (Undergraduate & Graduate Levels)
  • Positions filled by a current PB Roofing employee or someone who has previously worked for PB Roofing
  • Positions where a recruiter has already contacted the candidate or under active consideration in our system
  • Independent contractors or anyone employed by a third party
  • Positions where a contractor, temporary employee or former intern is being converted to a full-time employee

Cash incentives are subject to required deductions and tax withholdings. These earnings will be included in the employee’s year-end gross earnings shown on the IRS W-2 Wage and Tax Statement. The cash incentive awards and positions included in this plan may be modified or terminated at PB Roofing’s discretion.


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