How to Get into Commercial Roofing: Tips & Advice

How to Get into Commercial Roofing: Tips & Advice

How to Get into Commercial Roofing: Tips & Advice

How to Get into Commercial Roofing: Tips & Advice 1280 853 PB Roofing PB Roofing

5 Tips on How to Get into Commercial Roofing from Industry Professionals

Have you been considering the idea of a career in commercial roofing? While many think to work in the residential sector, commercial roofing can be highly lucrative as well. You’ll first need to take specific steps to create a thriving career in the industry. As an industry-leading company, we’re sharing a few tips from our professionals on how to get into commercial roofing.

1. Do Your Homework

The first thing you need to do before diving into the world of commercial roofing is to do some research. Commercial and residential roofing are very different, and you’ll need to learn new materials and systems to have a successful career. You can start by speaking with other commercial contractors in your network to find out about the current needs in your area.

2. Get the Proper Training

While there are plenty of online training videos and modules for roofers, nothing beats old-fashioned, hands-on training. Attend trade show educational training sessions to learn about techniques and tricks of the trade. You can learn about the proper tools and preparation needed to be a professional commercial roofer. Or consider an apprenticeship with an experienced worker. Most companies also offer a training period for new hires, so don’t feel you need to know everything before starting a roofing job.

3. Understand Your Audience

In residential roofing, building relationships with homeowners is essential. However, in commercial roofing, you’ll need to connect with property managers and building owners. For example, price, timelines, and efficiency are extremely valued in the industry.

4. Learn How to Read Contracts and Blueprints

Commercial roofs are typically vastly different than residential roofs, meaning their materials and systems may be unfamiliar to you. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with commercial contracts, budgeting plans, timelines, warranties, and more. It will also be essential to read and understand blueprints of commercial roofing systems.

5. Create a Standout Resume

Commercial roofing is just as competitive as the residential sector, so it’s essential to market yourself too. Be sure your roofing resume is up to standards, including your work experience, certifications, education, and specific skills. If you’re new to the industry and have a lackluster resume, consider adding a short introduction about who you are and why you would provide value to a roofing company.

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