How to Become a Roofer: Career, Skills, and Education

How to Become a Roofer: Career, Skills, and Education

How to Become a Roofer: Career, Skills, and Education

How to Become a Roofer: Career, Skills, and Education 1254 836 PB Roofing PB Roofing

4 Things You Should Know About How to Become a Roofer

If you’re looking to enter the roofing industry, you’re probably asking yourself, “how can I get started?” You must consider your potential career path, required skills, and necessary education. Beyond landing your first roofing job, it’s crucial to consider your future. For example, are there advancement opportunities available to you? In this blog, we go through four things you should know about how to become a roofer.

1. Becoming a Roofer Takes Some Serious Skills

Although many techniques will be learned on-the-job, some skills will be needed before getting hired. For example, physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, ability to understand technical plans, and exceptional teamwork are among the necessary skills. Take a look at a roofer job listing to get a better idea of what may be asked of you.

2. Technical Training and Certifications are Required

Besides learning on-the-job, technical training and certifications will be required for an entry-level roofer position. A high school degree is an excellent place to start for education, however a trade school or an apprenticeship should be explored to achieve more of an advantage. This type of training will teach you how to use specific roofing tools and learn job site safety precautions. You’ll also be able to assist and complete real roofing jobs. Achieving a certified roofer title will help you gain a more advanced role in the industry.

3. The Roofing Industry is Rapidly Growing

While typical construction jobs may seem seasonal, the roofing industry is actually projected to grow 12 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. This growth indicates a steady increase for openings in the roofing workforce. There will almost always be availability in the industry for new hires.

4. Being a Roofer is Not a “Dead-End” Job

A huge industry misconception is a notion that becoming a roofer is a dead-end job, meaning there is no possible career advancement. While that may be true for some companies, PB Roofing has taken strides to break this industry myth. As a leading commercial roofing company for the past 13+ years, PB has continually looked for ways to increase employment growth and, more importantly, retention. Enter PB University.

PB University is our industry-breaking program that goes above and beyond for our employees. We’re dedicated to providing professional development and personal growth as we strive to grow as a company and a family continuously. Our curriculum is centered around building a career from novice to master. The levels of PB University are:

  • Helper (the first level in an associate’s career path)
  • Apprentice
  • Technician
  • Lead Technician
  • Foreman
  • Master Foreman

From start to finish, PB University is expected to take an associate five years to complete. This program is taught through our own online Learning Management System and hands-on opportunities and experience. We welcome associates at all levels—from no experience to years of experience.

PB University devotes itself to further defining PB Roofing’s forward-thinking culture, where everyone we come to know and work with is valued and given an opportunity. As a growing organization, we strongly value the importance of being educated and properly trained in the field—creating an excellent opportunity for those looking to learn, gain experience, and excel. If you’re interested in working for PB Roofing and enrolling at PB University, contact us today!

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