How Covid-19 Changed the Roofing Industry

How Covid-19 Changed the Roofing Industry

How Covid-19 Changed the Roofing Industry 1500 985 PB Roofing PB Roofing

A Year Since Covid-19 Began: The New Roofing Industry Standards and Practices

It has been a year since the Covid-19 pandemic began in the U.S., and now experts can truly analyze the impact it has had on the roofing industry. As a leading commercial roofing company on the east coast, here are the changes and trends we have seen this last year.

Becoming an Essential Service

During initial state lockdowns, essential services were deemed satisfactory to continue operations. Roofing, of course, was among those industries. This meant ongoing and new projects could continue. More importantly, emergency repairs for other essential services could be made, including hospitals, schools, testing facilities.

Virtual Communication

Nearly every industry has seen a sudden shift to virtual communication because of the pandemic. We’ve certainly seen an increase in phone calls, emails, and, of course, Zoom calls. All project requests and updates are being conducted through these virtual methods. For any on-site interactions, wearing masks and social distancing remain the best practices.

Adjusting Services to Meet Client Needs

Across the board, roofing services haven’t changed. However, which services our clients need the most have. For example, maintenance and inspections are highly requested. Long-term protection, such as coatings, have also been in demand. Of course, planned and unplanned repairs are always needed.

The commercial buildings and facilities we service have faced operation challenges during the pandemic. As a leading roofing provider, we have remained available for our clients whether they are occupying their space or not.

Giving Back to Communities

The pandemic has undoubtedly revealed the importance of community. Many companies have shown support for essential workers like police officers, nurses, and doctors. For example, at PB Roofing, we revamped the Elmwood Park Police Department’s Pistol Range for our 2020 community give-back project.

Industry Leading Roofing Company

As we continue to see more roofing industry trends develop, PB Roofing stays on top of our client’s needs and provides expert services. If you need an emergency repair or service or are ready to take on a more significant project, contact us online.

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