Employee Roofing Myths & Misconceptions

Employee Roofing Myths & Misconceptions

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4 Roofing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Working in the Industry

The roofing industry, like other trade careers, often fall victim to stereotyping. For some companies, these clichés may be true—not at PB Roofing. We’re committed to creating long-term careers that go beyond the business of roofing. So, forget what you think you know about working in the industry and keep reading as we disprove these four roofing myths.

1. “Roofing leads to dead-end jobs.”

Many people believe being a roofer is just a tiresome, dead-end job, not a career. Thirteen years ago, PB Roofing changed this thought. We started offering career advancement opportunities for all of our employees. When we hire, we look for a person who is coachable, has excellent attention to detail, and is resourceful. Every position we offer is an opportunity for professional and personal development.

2. “Roofers don’t need formal education or training.”

This myth holds some truth. Some entry-level roofer positions will offer on-the-job training. Although many roofers choose to complete a trade school program and apprenticeship to gain experience and skills. At PB Roofing, we now offer our employees an opportunity to continue their education and training—PB University. Our employees of any seniority can complete courses and advance their career.

3. “Roofing has minimal benefits and compensation.”

Some roofers have to rely on unions or state benefits instead of their employer. To keep PB employees happy and healthy, we offer access to high-quality, affordable health insurance, generous paid time off, and paid holidays. Our salaries meet or exceed the industry and include perks such as 401k with employer match, bonuses, profit sharing, incentive, and deferred compensation plans.

4. “Roofing companies offer an unfriendly working environment.”

Some believe construction sites and on-site locations offer unsafe conditions with little support from the roofing company. While it certainly varies from company to company, PB Roofing prides itself on having safe work environments and putting their employees’ safety first. Off-site, PB Roofing has company events, charitable efforts, and networking opportunities to create a welcoming culture. In 2020, PB Roofing was named one of the best places to work in New Jersey by NJ Biz Magazine.

Jumpstart Your Career with PB Roofing

We’ve proven PB Roofing is more than the stereotypical industry misconceptions. Are you ready to join our team? We hire roofers and technicians for our teams along the Northeastern states. To learn more about what we have to offer, visit our careers page.

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