Building Construction Careers Through PB University

Building Construction Careers Through PB University

Building Construction Careers Through PB University

Building Construction Careers Through PB University 1280 853 PB Roofing PB Roofing

How PB University Creates Long-Term Construction Careers

The construction industry is often misrepresented as having temporary, unfulfilling, or unsatisfactory jobs. PB Roofing is here to set the record straight about working in construction. There are available field and office positions with competitive compensation, generous benefits, and job security. There will always be a need for roofs, therefore there will always be a need for learning the trade and growing in the industry.

To help our employees learn safety, trade development, and overall associate growth, we created PB University.

What is PB University?

PB University creates long-term construction careers that go beyond the business of roofing. We believe in preparing knowledgeable, responsive team members who are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience in a diverse and ever-evolving industry. We are dedicated to providing a construction career path to our employees through education, training, professional development, and personal growth. PB University allows us to lead the next generation of roofers and entrepreneurs.

How Does PB University Education and Training Work?

PB University devotes itself to further define PB Roofing’s forward-thinking culture, where everyone we come to know and work with is valued and given opportunity. At each level in the curriculum there are requirements and expectations that strongly benefit each field associate, their team, and the organization.

From start to finish, PB University is expected to take an associate 5 years to complete our detailed online courses through our online Learning Management System and hands-on opportunities. We welcome associates at all levels- from no experience to years of experience.

How Does PB University Education and Training Work?Types of Construction Jobs

Trade workers are always in high demand. However, we look for administrative and leadership candidates as well. Here is a breakdown of some of the jobs available in each of these three categories:

  • Trade: helper, apprentice, entry-level laborers, technicians, lead technicians, foremen, and master foremen
  • Administrative: construction managers, project managers, safety professionals, consultants, design professionals, estimators, sales professionals, office administration, business development managers, and warehouse and maintenance personnel
  • Leadership: superintendents, field leadership, senior positions, directors, and other managers

Do I Need More Than a High School Diploma?

Most trade positions require at least a high school diploma. More required training, experience, education, and certifications will increase with the position’s seniority level. For administrative and leadership positions, some higher education is more commonly required, such as an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Construction Careers and Employment Opportunities at PB Roofing

PB Roofing is always looking for new members for our growing company. We invest in our employees by providing education, generous compensation, a safe environment, and room for growth. To learn more about our available construction careers and employment opportunities, visit our careers page online.

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