8 Hidden Costs of Commercial Roofing Projects

8 Hidden Costs of Commercial Roofing Projects

8 Hidden Costs of Commercial Roofing Projects

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When planning the budget for your new roof, be sure to account for these expenses.

If you own a commercial building, you know that upkeep and maintenance can be very costly. (Or, if you’re a new owner, you soon will.) One of the biggest expenses you will have to deal with involves your roof. While repairs may not put too much of a dent in your wallet, if a brand-new roof is needed, that could be a different story. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what to expect when it comes to costs. In addition to the materials and labor, here are some other factors that could increase the expense:

Building height

Two commercial buildings may have exactly the same size roof, but if their heights are not the same, the final price could be significantly different. With a one- or two-story building, workers should be able to get themselves and materials onto the roof using ladders. However, taller structures will probably require cranes and possibly other pieces of large equipment.


Many commercial buildings have numerous important components that penetrate the roof, such as HVAC systems, pipes, and vents, and maybe even satellite dishes. Working around all those items can often be tricky, not to mention time-consuming. Plus, if these things must be taken out, that adds to the duration of the project as well as the bill.

Repairs or replacements

Before a new roof can go on, the old roof has to come off. Once this happens, you just never know what you may encounter underneath, especially with older buildings or ones that have had a lack of maintenance. There could be moisture, rot, or other issues that will have to be addressed. Areas that commonly need to be repaired or replaced include the metal or wooden deck and the roof drains.

Building codes

Even if everything looks fine when the old roof is torn off, work may still be needed before the new one can go up if the old structure is not up to code. Building codes change over the years, and it is very possible that an older structure will need some upgrades before the project can proceed.


In order to keep a building at a comfortable temperature, insulation is necessary. It’s also vital for saving energy, which is good for the environment and your bottom line. Clearly, the bigger the building, the bigger the roof, and the more insulation you will need. However, it is very important to use the right amount. Too much insulation and you’re wasting money. Too little and it will increase power bills, which will also cost you money.


A roof isn’t just a covering; it generally contains a lot of components that play a role in the overall function of a building. These could include things related to the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, such as lighting, pipes, and vents. If these elements are old or in disrepair, they should be fixed or upgraded before they will be merged with newer roofing materials.


When you’re buying a roof for a commercial building, chances are good that it will come with some sort of warranty. Generally, manufacturers offer basic warranties on materials, but it is important to read the fine print to know exactly what you’re getting. Some warranties require building owners to pay to have the roof inspected every year by a licensed contractor.

Cheap services

Wait, why would cheap roofing services increase the cost of a roofing project? Be it a taco or a new roof, it’s always good to remember that you get what you pay for. Extremely low-cost services may seem great, but it probably won’t be too long before you’re actually paying for them in the form of leaks or other failures.

A roof installation requires expertise and precision. If it is not installed properly and with great care and attention, the entire building — as well as the people and equipment inside — could be in danger.

A new commercial roof is a major financial investment, which is why experienced contractors should handle the installation. At Peck Brothers, we only work on commercial buildings, so we know exactly what is needed for any type of roofing project. In addition to expert installation, we also offer preventative maintenance, which will extend its lifespan. To discuss your roof project and the costs involved, call us at 201-791-3235 or just fill out our online contact form.

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