5 Green Roof Benefits & Trends

5 Green Roof Benefits & Trends

5 Green Roof Benefits & Trends

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Consider These Living Green Roof Benefits

A green roof is usually found on the top of a commercial building and is covered with vegetation, a waterproof membrane, and drainage and irrigation systems. They are becoming increasingly popular for office buildings in urban areas, as they provide a stimulating space for employees to refresh throughout the day.

Let’s take a look at five green roof benefits that your commercial business could benefit from.

1. Extended Roof Life

Are you looking to extend the life expectancy of your commercial building? Installing a green roof system will create a protective layer that shields the roof from erosion, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures. In turn, this protective layer can help you minimize the regular roof maintenance that is typically required.

2. Good for the Environment

Adding a green roof also comes with many environmental benefits, including increased biodiversity and air purification. A green roof also aids in decreasing fossil fuels and energy consumption due to a reduction in heating and cooling loads. It helps the environment while also helping you create a sustainable building.

3. Economically Beneficial

While the initial cost can be high, there are several long-term economic benefits resulting from adding a green roof. The extended roof life allows for reduced maintenance and renovation costs, and the energy efficiency alleviates costs spent on heating and cooling services throughout the year. Not to mention it can greatly increase property value and resell price.

4. Reduced Stormwater Runoff

A green roof will also control stormwater runoff and retention. Rainwater generally runs off the top of a building into its gutters and then flows into storm drains. Water becomes contaminated during this process from dirt and debris found on the roof and gutters and then flows directly into our ecosystem. But with a green roof, rainwater becomes absorbed by the vegetation and stops harmful contaminants from being released into the ecosystem.

5. Improved Visual Aesthetics

Another value that a green roof can provide is a visual improvement to your building. Not only will this improve a building’s curb appeal, but it can also improve the property value when it comes time to sell the building. Beyond financial benefits, it will create a space for employees to gather, enjoy fresh air, and step away from computer screens.

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