2022 Commercial Roofing Trends & Solutions

2022 Commercial Roofing Trends & Solutions

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2022 Commercial Roofing Trends & Solutions

The long-term effects of the pandemic continue to influence volatile material pricing and sparce availability, project delays, and logistics. A lot of these external factors are uncontrollable variables, but at PB Roofing, we have identified the areas that we can control and maximized our efforts to offset these challenges. We view adversity as opportunity, and we’ve seized these opportunities by implementing positive processes throughout our organization.

Looking at the Bright Side

Even with external detractors, there are significant positives side-effects developing that will shape the industry for years to come. Roofing Contractor Magazine has collected data showing continued positive trends with increased demand for commercial projects. About 85% of surveyed roofers said they expect increases in total sales volume over the next three years, the data showed.

THREATCheck Roof Assessment Programs

Our THREATCheck and THREATCheck+ assessment programs provide property owners with assurance that their immediate roofing needs will be met and monitored while supplies become available for more extensive projects.

Each visit includes a standard visual roof system Inspection which requires our professional roofing technician to assess and document the condition of your roof and its components.

Emerging Technology

The utilization of innovative technology is imperative to the future of the roofing industry. At PB Roofing, we believe in an ever-evolving organization, and welcome new solutions with open arms. Embracing new ideas grants us the opportunity to disrupt the traditional thought paradigm of what doing business means, to ourselves and our customers.

According to Roofing Contractor Magazine, estimating software and enterprise or accounting software were the most used tech products, at 64% and 50%, respectively. A further 41% of roofing contractors utilize CRM software for project management and communications.

PB Roofing’s tech stack delivers data and analytics that ensure each service creates raving fans.

Drone Integration

As part of our mission to incorporate the most effective technological developments into our process improvement, we have begun drone flights that will expand throughout the year into a fully-fledged service option for safety and inspection purposes.

Drone use is also expected to increase, as 31% said they planned to add the service in 2022, and another 30% indicated they were on a two-year plan. Roofing Contractor Magazine.


At PB Roofing, we offer the in-demand sustainable solutions that help bring balance to the continual advancement and urbanization of America. These are cool roof coatings, green roofs or vegetative installations and solar harvesting.

A cool roof is designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional roof, absorbing less solar energy. This can save energy and money by reducing heat flow from the roof into the occupied space. The outlook for the future appears good for contractors using coatings. About 56% said sales would increase this year, and another 50% said they expect spray foam sales to increase, too. Roofing Contractor Magazine.

Green roof installation is also continuing to find support throughout metropolitan areas, with many cities requiring new commercial structures to feature this sustainable solution. A green roof increases your roof’s life by protecting it with natural storm water runoff and reduced surface temperatures. Urban development has resulted in less green space and more impervious surfaces.

Finally, our expert team provides solar panel preparation for installation on commercial roofs. Most solar panels are designed to operate for 20 to 25 years. Our experienced team can help accomplish full solar installation readiness, maximizing a roof’s lifetime and a property owner’s solar investment.

The information contained within this article comes from: Clear Seas Research. 2022 Roofing Contractor State of the Industry Report. Nov. 2021.

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