2020 NJ Construction Employment [Roofing Edition]

2020 NJ Construction Employment [Roofing Edition]

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NJ Construction: Get Started with Your Career in Roofing

There is no one path to start a career in roofing. For example, a recent high school graduate, a person pursuing a post-secondary degree, and a seasoned worker wanting a change can all be looking to get into roofing work. No matter where you’re coming from in life, it can be daunting to enter a new industry, especially when every state has its own rules and standards. The best way to ease concerns is to read industry articles and speak to people in the trade.

Here are our best tips on starting a roofing career in the NJ construction industry!

  1. Get familiar with NJ roofing laws. Laws protecting employees vary from state to state, so it’s crucial to know your rights. There are specific laws the construction industry must abide by, especially for employees. For example, under the Construction Industry Independent Contractor Act, employers must adequately classify employees to ensure the delivery of appropriate benefits, such as social security, taxes, and wages. OSHA outlines detailed roofer protection rules under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, including decreasing the number of on-the-job falls, hazards, injuries, and more.
  2. Research the companies you are interested in. There are plenty of roofing companies that will offer you a job and some benefits. However, you shouldn’t settle for the bare minimum. When searching for jobs, take a more in-depth look at what the company has to offer. Is there a welcoming culture? Is there an opportunity for advancement? Do they offer competitive salaries and benefits? Interviews are another great way to learn more about what the company does and the types of people working there. Making sure you’re a great fit will be essential to a successful roofing career.
  3. Get your foot in the door. Many people believe you need to know someone to start working in roofing. While having a relative or friend in the industry can be useful, there are a few other ways to get in. Apprenticeships offer on-the-job training as well as in-class learning. Post-secondary degrees can be achieved through universities, community colleges, or technical schools. Some of these programs are roofing-specific and offer industry certifications. Another route is to jump right into the job. Many entry-level positions require little to no experience and are learned entirely on the job from assisting an experienced roofer.
  4. Don’t stop learning. Once you land a job, you’ll be learning a lot more about the company and industry. However, to truly be successful, you must continue learning outside of work. Watch videos, read articles, keep up with news, and network with others in the roofing industry. What would be extremely beneficial is if your company offers advanced learning opportunities. For example, PB Roofing created PB University for its employees. It provides a unique approach for every step in your roofing career, from novice to master. Even if you’re not starting from the beginning, you can jump in at any stage.

Start Your Roofing Career with PB Roofing

At PB Roofing, we create long-term careers with our forward-thinking tools and training to support a successful life. Every employee receives an education, generous compensation, a safe environment, and room for growth. We look for passion, motivation, and attention to detail in every candidate.

Our work brings us down the east coast from Maine to Virginia and back home, headquartered in New Jersey. If you’re interested in starting a career in construction and want to learn more about working for an industry leader, contact PB Roofing today!

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